Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

A burger review to blow away the settling dust that’s building up on my blog.

 If you haven’t already heard of Bread meats Bread, here’s me attempting to do a quick bite review of the place.

Unknowingly, I happened to visit just soon after the launch of their new menu.   Gotta say I have been doing turtle pace with reviewing these sprouting burger joints all over Glasgow.  I didn’t even get to try out their first edition menu.

First thing that hit me was the sheer variety of items from the traditional burgers, to cross Atlantic items like poutines , grilled cheese and interestingly a pulled bird.  hmm.. pulled bird?…


If in case you din’t realise we were in Scotland, their burgers were categorised like Whiskey.

House blend:  Special house blend of 3 different cuts of highest quality dry aged scotch beef. Unique and packed with flavour. 

Red label:  Unique blend of scotch beef and spicy Sicilian N Duja pork sausage.  Hot and Fiery. 

Black label:  Premium blend made from special cuts of dry aged prime scotch beef.  Juicy with hints of sweetness and an intense nutty beef flavour. 

The only way to find out between House blend and Black label was to do a side by side taste comparison but that would have to  be another day as I settled on the Black Label, Red & Black burger whilst my friend went for the Black and Gold.


Yes. Very confusing but I reassure you I had a yummy premium beef patty topped with overflowing smoked brisket in sriracha & bbq sauce, with cheese and pickles.

The beef patty and brisket worked well individually just as they worked well when chowed together.   Gooey melted chedder cheese provided that salty punched and  perfect pickle portioning gave that vinegary kick to get  me on with the next bite.   The problem with a burger so well stacked is that I can never enjoy it with one satisfying monster bite.   Nevertheless, still good with a knife and fork.


Read the 2293 word wiki article on poutine here.

First time trying poutine and love it to bits.   Its probably more the gravy than the cheese curds that sealed the deal.   It was almost reminiscence of gravy from a popular |Chain  Fried Chicken  outlet but better.   Homemade I hope?   The portions were enough for 2 so I suggest an alternate side rather than 2 Poutines, less you want a food coma.

The coleslaw was colourful but left little to impress.   Next time I’ll go for the Big house Salad.  (Please don’t forget your VEGGIES people, Diverticulitis is a  not a cool disease to have.  )


Never had to touch the sauces and that says alot about good food when it dosen’t need a taste enhancer.

There are still many items left to try such as the pull meat sandwiches and grilled cheeses.   So if you are ever in town, near central station,  do drop by.  Place is small so be prepared to wait during busy times.  We were lucky when we got there at 12 noon on Saturday.  Place was packed by 123opm.

@Alfyfoodography happily recommends this to all his readers.

*Did I mention that their tumbler cups are ergonomic-ally shaped such that they actually have a finger impression to give you a better grip.

Bread meats Bread


104 St Vincent Street

Glasgow G2 5UB

Tel: 0141 249 9898

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