Two Fat Ladies @ The Buttery – BBC Good Food show Bloggers meet up

The Two Fat Ladies has established a name for itself as a premier Fish institution in the West of Scotland.  The group’s 5th restaurant , Two Fat Ladies at The Marine Hotel, opened recently and is a testimony to the growing popularity of the fish restaurant amongst the people of Scotland.  However, today is all about the fine restaurant @ The Buttery.  You least expect a restaurant with such a fancy name to be found in a forgotten part of Finnieston but do not let the run down surrounding façade fool you. As you enter, a warm inviting luxurious Scottish blend of oak, mahogany & tartan sets the appetite whetting for a scrumptious fish meal.  At 2 courses for £16.50 and 3 courses for £19.50, it may seem to be on the steeper end for lunch but if you agree with me on paying for ambience and service then perhaps, the prices are very much reasonable.

A tight menu of 4 dishes per course reflects the Chef’s intention of  “less is more” and at the same time catering broadly to the fish enthusiast,  meat-only eaters and vegetarians.  Being a lunch menu, I was not expecting more luxury seafood items like scallop or halibut but the use of equally tasty economical fish puts the skills of the chef to the test and it certainly shown through in most of the dishes that the group had.  I started with a stunning Flash fried fresh mackerel fillet, potato & red onion salad, salsa verde , showcasing the different textures of fried fish and creamy potatoes. Following on,  a beautifully season Pan fried fillet of sea bream on sauteed potatoes & tomato, dill & balsato butter meant that nothing was allowed to remain on the plate.  Finally, it was a humble yet satisfying apple crumble with vanilla custard to complete the 3 courses.  To sweeten things up, a plate of petite fours were brought up as we sip down in our little victoria tea cups.  oo… posh…


Lovely Scottish Interior.


Flash fried fresh mackerel fillet, potato & red onion salad, salsa verde



Bruschetta with artichoke, salami & roasted peppers, garlic infused oil



Oven baked coley, carrot & cumin seed pilaf, coriander & citrus cream



Pan fried fillet of sea bream on sauteed potatoes & tomato, dill & balsato butter



Choux bun with Chantilly cream and chocolate sauce


Apple crumble with vanilla custard.


Petite 4s

On a separate note,  I like to thank Katy Truss, for coordinating this luncheon for the rest of the BBC Good Food show bloggers:  House of Herby, Ananyah, Cakeyboi and Food & Drink Glasgow.

BBC Good Food Show Scotland is running from 18th to 20th October.  If you have not purchased your tickets, remember to do so.  Quote ALF15 for a 15% discount off the show’s tickets.

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery


652-654 Argyle Street

Glasgow G3 8UF

Tel: 0141 221 8188

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery on Urbanspoon

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