Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow

 A well reputed hotel should house a fine restaurant to match its starred status and its here at the Blythswood Square Hotel Glasgow, formerly The Royal Scottish  Automobile Association , that one will be able to enjoy a gastronomic experience. The restaurant is quite simply named Restaurant at Blythswood Square.

blyswood square

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Interestingly, my search did not begin with “Best Hotel Restaurants” or “5* Hotel Dining” but rather “Josper Grill”.

Not heard of it ?

“Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine.

By bringing the added value that comes from the Firewood (charcoal) to the raw material, we obtain those flavours of yesterday, as well as a perfect texture and juiciness.

By combining the functions of an oven and grill, we can work at high temperatures, sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time. These results are unique, and make the JOSPER Charcoal Oven a piece of equipment that is also unique.”   –

Still not convinced? I suggest you watch this..


On to the bread course….


Rye, Shallot or Sun Dried Tomato…and you can have more than one if you like : )

One of my minor criteria for an outstanding restaurant is that it needs to fulfill a  bread course and if you want to get top marks,  serve it with good quality butter, freshly warmed up and in a variety of flavours (in that order of preference).  Sadly, this is my “bread obsession”. Haha.



Peach chutney, toasted brioche

“WOW!” was my first thought. Chicken livers and parfaits are not the kind of food which I would readily order but I love variety, and that allows me more photo-taking opportunities. The beautiful presentation sure made it look good but did it live up to the taste test?

Let’s say its not the best I have had but it certainly hit a good 8 out of 10 for me. My advice to overcome the strong liverish taste is to have it with a good quality bread or even better with brioche. Peach chutney is a nice change from the usual apricot chutney and taste wise the same overtones of caramalised fructose and fruity acidity, less the fibrous texture of apricot.


Fried cep, woodland mushroom purée, truffle foam

I had alittle taste of the risotto that my friend ordered and whilst they were generous with the truffle foam, the overall flavours did not strike a chord with me.  The pastel-ish coloured risotto looked scarily artificially coloured but let’s just say its because of the saffron.


Light ham broth, crisp pancetta

The winner of the appetiser round goes to the hand dived scallops.  If you have the benefits of good local products, you might as well flaunt it.

Check out the wee gimmick of a little teapot to throw in a bit of fun before commencing your meal.




SIRLOIN 10oz with Hebridean tiger prawns & Pepper Sauce

This was the moment that I have been waiting for the entire week: A Josper Grilled steak. ooommpphh…


RIBEYE 10oz with Red Wine Sauce

Looks wise, it had a nice caramel brown sear with mid tone grill lines. No overly charred bits. I feared the worst when the steak looked dry without my usual dollop of garlic herb butter but for sure the meat was tender throughout . My preferred level of cooking is medium rare: warm and pinkish red in the middle. This steak was more medium at the ends and getting towards medium rare in the centre. This rib eye was accompanied by a thick red wine sauce reduction reminiscence of this flavour of jerky, more sweet than savoury.  The sweet spot with this dish was that piece of  bone marrow packed with beefy goodness. – Natural MSG !!!

The verdict – A commendable piece of steak. Could I tell the difference between a JOSPER cooked steak and a normal grilled steak. Frankly, “no” unless you put them side by side.

It was really a good piece of steak . If only they had some garlic herb butter & if only I had asked.


Desserts are a strong point of the menu. Not only were they pretty to look at , they were awesomely delicious and generous in quantity.


Chocolate cheesecake with Mint IceCream

A dense version of cheesecake and minty icecream was a great combination to finish off the evening.


Bramley Apple, Strawberry Meringue, Melon Sorbet

And if you prefer something lighter, try a sorbet. Flavours mirrored the actual fruit really well. For something more creamy, you can consider one of these other ice cream flavours: Coconut, Chocolate Orange, Peanut Butter, Condensed Milk


Salted caramel, tonka bean ice cream, pecan clusters

This was the Pièce de résistance –  A molten lava chocolate fondant. Look at how pretty they have plated the dish with a chocolate flower sprinkled with dehydrated berry crumbles. As if a decadent chocolate fondant wasn’t enough, they threw in a Tonka Bean ice cream for extra measure.


Perhaps, I have complimented some of the dishes too well this time around but surely that must represent how much I enjoyed myself that evening.

A return visit is a must even if it was just for dessert alone.

Bookings are advice.

Restaurant at Blysthwood Square

No.11 Blythswood Square
Glasgow, G2 4AD

Tel: 0141 248 8888

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