Review: Munro’s Glasgow

There’s a new brand of pubs brewing in and around Glasgow. Nowadays, its not just about importing a wide range of international beers but also being  able to specialise in the creation of house signature craft beers. With that in mind, I like to introduce you to the newest craft beer specialist in the West End of Glasgow.




Munro’s is brought to you by Maclay’s Inn, who manages more than 20 over pubs across the whole of Scotland. This swanky new pub is the latest addition to the award winning pub operator’s list of bars in the West end, including Dram, Lansdown bar and the Three Judges.



I am astonished to hear that £400000 was spent into refurbishing this establishment which I believe is a true commitment to bringing not only the best beers but also the best drinking experience.


With more than over 40 varieties of beers , ciders and daily specials, you will be spoiled for choice.

We opted for 3 x 1/3 pints to get a flavour of what was on to offer .  i.e    £3.25 for 3 from the cask and £4.50 for 3 craft beers.


I am probably not the best person to be judging beers considering the far fewer number of nightouts I have been on compared to my Scottish counterparts.  As they  say, I lack natural talent haha.  I like to point out that I was in favour of the lighter fruity brews and less so for the strong bitter ones


More important for me was the food !!.. And I have to give credit to the wonderful deep fried white bait. No batter , straight in for that full fishy taste. A squeeze of lime and ooomph…

The firecracker wings were not exactly hot and more sweet and BBQ -ish. They were nice but 5 drumlets for 4.50 was abit of a letdown.

Don’t get me wrong…. it was good and I just wasn’t satisfied with eating only 5….. 25 would probably be more satisfying.


Here’s the chilli dog which was ok. I believe there’s a pizza and hotdog deal for 10quid which strikes me as being value for money.


Smoke haddock kedgeree. .. Good to see something Scottish on the menu.

Besides the above items, there’s tonnes of other sharing platters like beef chilli nachos, farmhouse platters and italian meat platters. The pizzas probably look the most attractive and you will find reviews of them here and here.


I doubt desserts are a special here but this chocolate cake was satisfying nonetheless.


Opens from 10am and with free wifi. Drink responsibly!!



185 Great Western Road

Glasgow, G4 9EB

Tel: 0141 332 0972

Munros on Urbanspoon

Many thanks to DADA events for the invitation. 

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