Central Market Glasgow, Glasgow

Tugged in the corner of Bell street and Wall street in Merchant City is one of Glasgow’s emerging contemporary restaurant – cafe – deli. This place has been on my to Eat list since November when I first stumbled across it on TOG.

God knows why it took so long or perhaps ….. its because of that dreaded physics revision…  -__-“”


As they say, the first impression is important. For sure, I was impressed with the exterior  facet and interior layout. High ceilings, large glass windows and a bright airy vibe. Totally fits the bill for a perfect venue to enjoy a cuppa coffee with the news or maybe even just to laze around and ponder why its still so unpleasantly cold in Spring.


One thing I do like about doing brunch here on a Sunday … Parking is FREEEEE….  I could imagine parking  being a bit of a nightmare on saturdays and in the evening.

central market

Thought I will share the impressive illustrations of  www.amcmurchie.com/

The menu is simple with daily specials and a breakfast segment thrown in for good measure. As far as I can tell, the main menu looks pretty much British.

My purpose here today is Breakfast.


I am pleased to know that the OJ is fresh and not from concentrate. And if you like the wee early morning tipple, I highly recommend the OJ with champagne.


My option this morning was French toast with bacon and maple syrup. Since young, I grew up eating mummy’s french toast that was made with  square bread slices which were eggy, soft, slightly browned and sugary. Consequently,  I can’t say I enjoyed the version here. The “semi -cardboardish” texture just wasn’t quite palatable.

Despite that.. the Benedicts were perfect and so were the freshly baked in house pain-au-chocolate and pain-au-raisins.


Give and take… I am not ready to write them off yet and will be back for more Brunches and Dinners.

Central Market


51 Bell Street

Glasgow, G1 1PA

Tel: 0141 552 0902


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One thought on “Central Market Glasgow, Glasgow

  1. Yes not impressed by the toast-y look to the “French toast”. Think somebody was half asleep making it! Overall nothing special… Nothing to make me pop into town for what any other generic coffee shop doesn’t do and many independent ones in west end (avenue g, kember/jones et al) do so well!

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