London Musings: Goldmine Restaurant, Bayswater




Never did fell in love with Cantonese roast duck  until I came to the UK.

A trip to London is never complete without a trip to one of many Chinese restaurants in Chinatown or Bayswater. It seems the Chinese Londoners have perfected the art of roasting Chicken’s companion.

If you like the branded stuff,  go for Four Seasons but at the point of desperation for some home comforts, I was willing to settle for anything.

For me the perfect duck has to have the crispiest maltose flavoured skin lying over succulent tender meat, permeating the alluring scent of roasted five spice powder. Finally, it must be doused in a well blended sweet and savoury gravy that accentuates the “umami” flavours of the meat while retaining a hint of its gaminess.






Gold Mine Restaurant 


102 Bayswater

London W2 3RR

Tel: 020 7792 8331

Gold Mine on Urbanspoon

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