Burger and Lobster, London

This was one of my most satisfying meals and possibly one of the most value for money lobster joints in LONDON.

You will only find 3 main items  1) Lobster  2) Lobster Roll  &  3) Burger. Each item for only £20

There are tonnes of reviews on this place and its currently one of the most talked about restaurants in London.

We did not have to wait long for a table of 7, possibly 20mins which is fast by any standards compared to horror stories of hour long waits. Once seated, we were promtply introduced to the 3 menu items and offered the option of going for the biggger crustaceans. Yup..


My advice… go for the standard issue lobster. There’s nothing like indulging into a whole lobster all by yourself. PLus!.. I remember my granddad always saying that the smaller lobsters tend to be sweeter and more succulent.


We were given a choice of having it finished off on the grill or just steamed.

Anticipation grew as we saw plates of these delicacies flying out of the kitchen. The place was packed !! even at at 2pm in the afternoon . Even at 4pm when we were just about to leave, people were still queuing up to get in. Lobster for an afternoon snack perhaps?

Each serving of lobster comes with a portion of side salad and skinny fries. I paid little attention to the salad. If anything, it was just a measure of maintaining my daily fibre intake and making me feel less bad about all that cholesterol I am going to drown myself in.  Ok… the fries were quite nice…


There’s really no way to describe it other than heavenly. The next best thing you can get is probably having it at the beach straight from the sea.

Even the famed London lobster noodles needs to make way for this new kid in town.

Curiosity got the better of one of the couples at the table and they decided to go for a beastly 3lb 30z lobster for £48. It was a sight to behold seeing the enormous “prawn” being laid down on the table. I cannot imagine what a £150, 9lb 5oz lobster would have looked and tasted like. Oh yes…. It comes with unlimited fries and salad too..


Maybe… another time.

For those who weren’t so keen on the whole lobster, there’s always a lobster roll. Chunks of lobster meat embedded in a butter brioche served up with fries and salad. Its quite a nice snack but I am not confident it will fill my stomach or completely satisfy me at the end of the day.


I think it was wise that we did not order the burger. It may be good but you get a good burgers anywhere but not always a good lobster deal.

There are 3 locations in London where you will find this great offer. Judging by its success so far, I am hopeful that we will see an expansion coming soon.

A final word… eat sparingly and ethically… You don’t want lobsters to go extinct do you ??

Alright… enough of being controversial… here’s more pictures for you to indulge while you plan your next visit.





Burger & Lobster
29 Clarges Street
020 7409 1699
40 St John St
020 7490 9230
36 Dean Street
London, Greater London
020 7432 4800

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